Uptown Sweet Shoppe

Betty Smith Brings A Lifetime Love of Baking
and Desire To Provide Scratch-Made Goodies to Amarillo

Betty Smith’s passion for cooking began as a little girl who loved to help her mom in the kitchen. Her mother cooked dinner every night and Betty observed and then tried out recipes on her own. Her enthusiasm for learning continued as she worked in the bakery at United Supermarkets as a teenager. When Betty was 18, her sister Loretta taught her how to make cakes from scratch and they took a Wilton Cake Decorating Class together. Before long her family would ask her to make her delicious baked goods for family functions. She remembers one of her first cakes was her niece’s 1st birthday. Which makes Betty realize how long she’s been baking since that niece in now in her 30’s. Betty explains how baking is so ingrained in her life, “I’m a baker through and through, I’ve been doing it for a long time. I can bake blind-folded. You can give me a recipe and I can tell you if it will work or not or what it needs because I know the science behind it.”

Betty ended up moving to Perryton, Texas in her 30’s because she felt that would be a good small town environment to raise her children. While in Perryton, she worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years. As she raised her family and worked a full time job, she nurtured her dream of having her own bakery. She continually educated herself on new techniques and traveling around to take baking classes, all while accumulating commercial grade equipment along the way. Her friends and colleagues began hiring her to bake for their events and weddings.

Once Betty’s children were grown she could no longer contain her desire to start her own bakery. Even though she had a following in Perryton, she knew it may be too small to support a brand new business. So while her husband Garry, who also worked in the oil and gas industry and is now the Justice of the Peace, stayed in their Perryton home, Betty took the leap and came to Amarillo to open her dream business. Betty chose her location at 34th and Coulter in the Summitt Shopping Center, one because it was down the way from her sister Patty’s business, the Açai Bar, and two because it would be the only local scratch made bakery located in the area of Soncy and Coulter from I-40 to Hillside. Her location also helped with the name, Uptown Sweet Shoppe, which she opened in June 2018. Betty has always had the support of her whole family. And as her niece, Aimee Castañon, who came on to do her social media and be her biggest cheerleader put it, “We told her, we’ll be here to support you and your dreams so just go for it!”

Many of Betty’s creations are family recipes and she prides herself on the fact that everything is made from scratch. There was a lot of trial and error in the beginning of her business journey as she navigated exactly what items she wanted to offer. After stressing to provide a huge variety and a cold case filled with fresh goods, Betty figured out a formula of specializing in a select number of items that she could become known for. So now they are known for their cookies, macarons and custom orders. Everything is made from scratch in small batches throughout the day so everything is always delicious and fresh. If you would like fresh cinnamon rolls, orange rolls or kolaches, you can call ahead and they will have them hot and ready within 25 minutes. They love custom orders…you name it and they can make it. And they can always accommodate dietary restrictions with keto and gluten-free options.

In May of this year, Betty introduced a brand new item to her specialty menu that we have not seen anywhere else in Amarillo or even heard of…cheesecake in a cone. Betty’s cousin, Brandy, who lives in Tennessee, turned her on to the unique treat that was a hit in their hometown. Betty came up with her own recipes and they provide various flavors such as s’mores, key lime, turtle and banana pudding that are scooped into a homemade waffle cone and topped with different toppings.

Some other things that make Uptown Sweet Shoppe fun and unique is that they offer party packages that include the rental of their shop, food and drinks and decorating cupcakes or cookies. They also offer gift baskets filled with yummy goodness starting at $25. As with so many other local businesses that have been hit hard by COVID-19, Uptown Sweet Shoppe is trying to keep it going during these uncertain times. And when you see the passion Betty has poured into her business and her sole desire to provide delicious scratch-made baked goods, we want to make sure Uptown Sweet Shoppe is around for many years to come! You can find Uptown Sweet Shoppe at 34th and Coulter, right next to Jason’s Deli. You can also check out their website: www.uptownsweetshoppe.com or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.



Owners: Betty Smith
7406 SW 34th Ave, Suite 2A
Amarillo, TX 79121
806- 367-9724