Progress MD

Lydia Marsh Has Built A Business She Is Proud of Based
on Being A Good Human and Focusing On Reinvesting
In Her Equipment, Staff and Constant Education

Lydia Marsh, the owner of Progress MD, had attended massage therapy school and always knew she wanted to work in a holistic field of sorts. While working as the manager of 575 Pizzeria, she was having several tattoos removed from Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic. She was so fascinated with the laser process, she offered to buy out the clinic. Lydia purchased the clinic which was located by American Vengeance Tattoo on Western and opened at a new location at Bell and I-40 on September 1, 2014 with the new name of Progress Tattoo Removal.

Medical aesthetics (med spas) have grown to over $8 billion this past year. With the industry growing so massively and quickly, the state has not set in proper regulations. It was shocking to find out that in the state of Texas, everything outside of laser hair removal, including injections, are not regulated in terms of training requirements. Meaning, people don’t have to be trained or required to attend continuing education to administer injections or even do laser resurfacing on your face, they only have to be signed in under a physician. According to Lydia, a clinic not owned by a physician has more requirements and guidelines they have to follow. Lydia had paid to have a representative of a laser she had purchased come to Amarillo to train her. After 3 months, she realized the training and laser settings he had given her were not producing the results she wanted and weren’t working in a real life setting. So she spent a year on 4 levels of laser training with the Texas Laser Institute in Dallas. This sparked her passion for learning and would be the catalyst for moving forward with new processes and procedures.

After some dramatic events proceeded from taking over an existing clinic and a challenging pregnancy, Lydia and her husband Birke were contemplating whether to close or carry on and expand. It was a “go big or go home” decision. Even after having a rough year, Lydia said, “I couldn’t imagine not doing it, I love it. I wanted to be that one person in this weird little industry that people could say ‘she didn’t lie to me’ and people were counting on me.” Chris Rhynehart, the owner of several commercial properties and friend of Birke and Lydia, offered them a new space in his growing new Town Square Village. So in July of 2017, they chose to “go big”. After Lydia and her single employee had worked in a simple 2 room office, they would double their space and move to a gorgeous new location in Town Square.

With a larger, sexy new space and the new name of Progress MD, Lydia decided to bring in a new team to help expand her services. Lydia brought on a physician, Dr. Meenakshi Dieguez MD, and nurse practitioner, Kevin Fleming APRN, FNP-C, a licensed massage therapist, Miriam Hernandez, a cosmetologist, Monica Tijerina and not to mention the indispensable office management team, Erika Hansen and Jamye Wilson. Lydia believes in training and empowering her team and every member brings not only experience, but a variety of skills and a love for what they do. According to Lydia, “I can’t say that I envisioned we would have evolved into all we are today, but I am proud to say we have grown due to many things our team and work ethic have made possible.”

Over the next two years the Progress team trained on and added a massive new collection of exciting services to be able to offer to their clients. Progress MD became a fully integrated med space offering services from facials, injections, massages, dermatology treatments and a full spectrum of laser treatments. By April of 2019, they had the opportunity and need to double their size again and moved into an upstairs 3,000 square foot space in the same Air-U Building in suite 201. The modern and minimalist new location provided the space to add a Wellness realm of relevant items including Weight Loss Programs, IV Therapy and a Cryo Therapy Tank.

Lydia expands on her mission, “I have always had a vision of what I wanted Progress MD to be, and continue to be, as we carry on our tradition of taking care of people. Sometimes in the world of ‘aesthetics’ there’s this preconceived vibe that only select ages and skin tones are beautiful. That just isn’t true! To me: Everyone is Beautiful, Important and Unique. Everyone deserves the opportunity to see that for themselves. We are here to help you see your own potential. We are a safe space for everyone and your comfort, as much as possible, is our priority. We are not perfect, we are human too (we pinky promise), but we do work hard to treat people the way we would want to be treated.”

Today, Progress MD, has 13 skilled and trained employees, including their Medical Director Dr. Meenakahi Dieguez. They work closely with each and every patient to assure that they are receiving services which they’re good candidates for and that fit into their budget. The Progress MD staff will consult with you on what your concerns are and let you ask any questions you may have so that you can come into your procedure with the knowledge you need to be confident in your decision. They will provide education and information to give you the opportunity to decide what path may be the best for you.

Progress MD also works hard to follow Texas Medical Board Code 193.17 for the Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures they offer, as well as relevant regulations from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Department of Department of Licensing and Regulation, HIPPA, OSHA, and other relegation entities that oversee how a Medical Spa Facility like theirs and a Day Spa Facility like theirs should be operated in Texas. They also use FDA approved Medical Devices, FDA approved Injectables direct from the companies who produce them safely, and the right certified and skilled staff members to take care of you safely and mindfully.

Progress MD is Amarillo’s integrated medical spa of choice for individuals looking to achieve real results with qualified treatment providers and mindfully designed services. Their warm and inviting atmosphere lets you know that they are there to serve everyone in the Amarillo area without judgment and an intent to build real relationships with every person who walks through their doors. Check out their website,, for a deeper look into Progress MD, their staff and massive selection of available services.


Lydia Marsh: Owner
5461 McKenna Suite 201
Amarillo, TX 79119