Market 33 & The Tasting Room

The Fiesta Foods Family Brings a New Shopping Experience
To The Southwest Side of Town

The Copheranham family moved to Amarillo in 1978 when the father, Bob, bought their family’s first little grocery store, Scivally’s Affiliated Food Store on East 10th Avenue. Upon purchasing the store, the name Scivally’s was changed to Bob’s Thrifty Foods. Affiliated Foods, the market’s wholesaler, assigned 33 as the official store number. Over 40 years later, the small grocery store on the east side of town has transformed and grown into multiple branches. Still, three things have remained unwavering: family, service, and the number 33.

Growing up, Bob’s son Ken volunteered his time at the store by sacking groceries, stocking the shelves, and sweeping the floor. Through high school, he worked his way up to closing at night and earning the momentous responsibility of carrying his own set of keys. In 1986, Ken married Kaki, adding to both his and the store’s family. Eager to lend a hand, Kaki started working as a cashier and assisting in the office.

In 1983, Bob purchased the Taylor & Sons store, located at 10th Avenue and Arthur Street, and changed the name to Bob’s Supermarket. When Bob retired in 1989, Ken and Kaki bought the 10th Avenue and Arthur Street location and changed the name to Ken’s Supermarket. Ken and Kaki ran both stores until 1994 when they decided to close the family’s original location. In 1999, they converted Ken’s Supermarket into a Hispanic-themed concept. In an effort to make the store more comfortable for the barrio customer, Ken’s Supermarket was transformed into Fiesta Foods and has been thriving for two decades.

Paying tribute to the store that started it all, Fiesta Foods retained the Affiliated Foods assigned number, 33. Ken and Kaki have adopted 33 as their lucky number and continue to incorporate it into each new opportunity or expansion; in 2008, they acquired the Pampa store #1233; in 2011, they obtained the Midland store #1133; and in 2019, they opened a second Amarillo store #2033 on the southwest side of town.

With each of their locally owned stores, the Copheranhams’ goal is to provide a customized and tailored shopping experience, which is rooted in their love of serving and accommodating the specific needs of the nearby neighborhoods. The stores adjust to the community, not the other way around. For example, Fiesta Foods was established with the needs of the surrounding 96% Hispanic community in mind. Ken and Kaki hope that with the help of their stores, customers can gather with their families around the dinner table to build personal connections in an era of technology.

The Copheranham’s three children, much like Ken, treasured days spent at the grocery store while growing up. Fiesta Foods was their playground, and it was the perfect place for them to explore and learn new life lessons. In that building, their son Jarrett discovered the joy of giving and fell in love with serving the community. He emulated his parents by joining the family company after graduating from Texas A&M in 2011. The business is now in its third generation of Copheranham ownership.

Less than a year after opening their 4th location at 5811 S. Western, the Copheranhams set their focus on fixing the voids that the store’s bordering communities have longed to have filled. They believe the best solution is to rebrand this Fiesta Foods into an upscale environment that will feature a variety of top tier accommodations. To pay homage to the store that started it all, they incorporated their family’s lucky number 33, remodeled the store and launched Market 33 in May of 2020.

The Copheranhams wanted to create more than a grocery store when launching Market 33, they wanted to create a grocery “experience” like no other in Amarillo. The brand new store boasts a bakery & tortilleria, a flower market and a huge selection of beer and wine with a one-of-a-kind Tasting Room. You can even step into the Tasting Room and order a beer, wine or coffee to take with you while you shop! Mark Conley, the new Store Director, said, “We even have special holders on our grocery carts for your drinks.”

Travis Bishop, The Tasting Room Director, came to Amarillo after being a musician in Nashville for 6 years. He spent months preparing for a national tour that was abruptly cancelled due to COVID. He and his girlfriend, Corrinn, came to Amarillo where she has family. After shopping at Market 33 several times, Travis found out they were looking for a new Department Head and Event Coordinator for their Tasting Room, so he took over the position in September of 2020.

The Tasting Room offers 16 beers on tap, 8 wines on tap, 26 cooler doors of beer and a premium lock-box section of wine that is hand picked by Ken and Jarrett. Travis explains, “We strive for the largest variety of beers in Amarillo.” They are also very loyal to local by carrying Palace Coffee exclusively and other local favorites such as Bomb City Wines and Pondasetta Brewing Co. Travis said, “I think Amarillo is a really special place and I love the comradery and love of local.”

Travis is extremely passionate about his job with The Tasting Room at Market 33 and he looks forward to expanding his knowledge and building a career with a company he loves and a community he has grown so fond of. Travis is currently working toward being a certified Cicerone which will give him a well-rounded knowledge of beer and proper beer service as well as basic competence in assessing beer quality and identity by taste. He also looks forward to holding future tastings, events and even classes on beer and wine.

The Copheranham family and their entire team invite you to come explore their new store at 5811 S. Western at the corner of Western and Hillside. Grab a beer, some wine or some coffee at The Tasting Room to drink while you shop. Come experience Market 33 and The Tasting Room and it will become your new favorite store!



5811 s. Western St.
Amarillo, TX 79110