Maddox Jane

Local Mom, Jessica Deeds, Turns A Love of Sewing For Her Babies
Into the Modern, Fun Boutique Maddox Jane

Jessica Deeds, owner of Maddox Jane boutique, was born in Hereford and raised in Amarillo. She has 2 sisters that live in Lubbock, 1 in Midland and 1 in Arkansas. Jessica’s mom Shaundelle, along with her stepdad Kris, have owned their own local business in Amarillo, Mattress Express, for  over 20 years. Jessica went to a private school here in Amarillo and graduated early. When it was time to decide her career path, her mom, knowing the struggles of having your own business encouraged her to find a career path where there would always be a need and she could easily get a job. Jessica’s first choice would have been beauty school but she settled on nursing and ended up going to nursing school.

Jessica worked as a Registered Nurse at Baptist St. Anthony from 2005-2010. It was during this time that she would meet her future husband, Trulyn Deeds, as a patient in the emergency room in 2008. Jessica happened to see his name in the tracking system. She thought he was cute and just knew they were destined to be together because his name was Trulyn, her middle name was Marilyn, her sister’s name is Jamie Lyn and she had another sister named Katelyn. She just knew they would be married and their babies name could have “Lyn” in it. A friend ended up giving Trulyn Jessica’s number and they have been together every since their first meeting. Trulyn is a disabled veteran who served 6 years in the military and deployed 5 tours in Iraq as an Army Night Stalker. Today, Trulyn is in Earth construction doing dirt work, erosion control and restoring land back to it’s original condition.

Jessica moved on to be a nurse at the Cardiology Center of Amarillo in 2010. After Jessica and Trulyn married and had their first son, Owen (surprisingly not Owen Lyn), in 2012 Jessica started sewing custom baby bibs, burp cloths and crib shoes for her new baby. Jessica says the Cardiology Center was so good to her and attributes the beginning of her business to the flexibility and opportunity she was given when they offered her a new position. The position would allow her to work from home for 5 years, filling prescriptions for the Cardiology Center and it’s patients. During this time, Jessica opened an Etsy shop where she offered her custom baby items. When it came to naming her fledgling business she wanted to incorporate the name Jane because she loved the movie Pride and Prejudice based on the book by Jane Austen and she loved the simplicity of the name. And at the time Maddox was a popular unisex name, so Maddox Jane was born. Jessica shop began to expand and she started receiving requests to have the bibs and burp cloths embroidered. Jessica was wanting to expand into graphic t-shirts so with the revenue from a big embroidery sale, she purchased her first run of graphic tees.

Soon Jessica was only working on Mondays for the Cardiology Center and her Etsy shop was growing so she decided to leave nursing behind and go all in on her own business. She opened her first retail space within Appleseed Junction in 2017. In 2018 the owner of Appleseed, Kristi Bittick, decided to sell the business to Sandy Totty, a woman who had the entire back of Appleseed Junction with her wood cutouts. When Kristi left, Sandy asked Jessica if she would like to expand into women’s clothing so she jumped at the opportunity. Sandy then lost her children’s clothing vendor and Jessica was happy to fill in for that need also. Soon Jessica had 3/4s of the front of Appleseed Junction and was considering opening her own stand alone boutique.

So in March of 2019, Jessica opened Maddox Jane at 2921 West I-40, Suite 100. After opening her own location she wasn’t able to carry enough of a variety of children’s clothing so she has gone to all women’s clothing in sizes small to 3X and shoes and accessories. Jessica tries to appeal to her customers by offering quality items at an affordable price. Jessica future plans include expanding into a larger retail space and offering custom screen printed t-shirts. Today, you can shop at her retail location, purchase from their website at or through a new service they are using called Comment Sold. Comment Sold will allow shoppers to view items available for sale on Facebook, then register and purchase all while staying in Facebook in the comment section. Jessica is hoping this will make the shopping experience fun, exciting and easy for shoppers. Maddox Jane is open Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and can be found on the south access road of I-40 in between Paramount and Georgia.



Owner: Jessica Deeds
2921 West I-40
Amarillo, TX 79109