Karma Delivery Service

Amarillo's Only Local Delivery Service

Karma Services is a local delivery company based in Amarillo, Texas and it is owned by Robert Hites and Sara Chambers. Both owners grew up in Amarillo Texas. Robert went into the US Navy after high school and served many years. Once his service was over, he began a career in the delivery business as a delivery driver in Amarillo. He soon began performing additional tasks with the delivery service such as advertising and acquiring deals with restaurants. In May of 2017, Robert was inspired to start his own delivery business and showed his longtime friend Sara, his plans to start a delivery service for the Texas Panhandle that would deliver anything the customer, fast and at the customer’s convenience. Sara, who had been working for AIG for 10 years as a subject matter expert in the VIP department, decided to stop working for AIG and invest her savings to start the business full time with Robert.  The name Karma, and our motto, Get what’s coming to you, came from our belief that if you deliver good things, you will get good things in return.

Karma Services began business on July 1st, 2017 and offers delivery of restaurant food, store goods, beer, wine, auto parts and anything that can legally be delivered by a third-party service. Our business hours are from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Sunday thru Thursday, and 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Karma Services operates by taking orders from customers, either over the phone at our work number 806-690-3343, via website at www.karmaservices.net, or from our app Karma Services which is available to be downloaded to any smartphone. Customers have the option of paying for their order with cash or credit card. Karma Services will send a delivery driver to purchase products from stores/or restaurants and the driver will deliver those items to the customer. Delivery drivers are contracted labor and are paid a percentage of the delivery fee for each satisfactorily completed delivery.  Karma Services charges the price of the product, a delivery fee and a service fee to the consumer. If there is an agreement made with a store or restaurant for a discount, commission, or advertising, the amount of the service fee will be reduced to the customer.

Karma Services strives for better customer service and quality of product than other delivery services by maintaining constant communication with our partnered restaurants and customers, and by hiring reliable, detail focused delivery drivers. If there are any complaints or issues with our drivers or the quality of customer service from Karma Services, we will address those issues with our customers and our restaurants quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. We are available at our work number or our cell phones (806-567-0876 for Robert and 806-231-9959 for Sara).