JDD Clock & Watch

Rice Edward's Passion for Antique Timepieces Has Led Him
To Be One of Very Few People Able To Repair and Restore
Antique Clocks, Watches, Grandfather Clocks & Pocket Watches in Amarillo


Rice Edward’s passion for clocks grew out of his mother’s affinity for them when he was growing up. As a child, his mother loved grandfather clocks and cuckoo clocks. Rice remembers getting to wind her many clocks as a little boy. He even made her a grandfather clock by making the wood cabinet and ordering the inside mechanism to give her as a gift when he was in the 8th grade.

Rice was born and raised in Amarillo and graduated from Amarillo High School. His parents and grandparents own and worked on their families ranches located outside of Shamrock and Olton so naturally Rice raised calves and cows on the ranch right out of school up until two years ago. It was at this time that his mother passed away and he decided he needed a change, so he retired from ranching.

After retiring, Rice dove into his hobby of tinkering with clocks and watches. He acquired quite a collection and had learned a lot about clocks from Tony Young, the Howard Miller clock company representative for our area, who became a trusted mentor. Rice’s sister, Denise, had taken her watch in to be cleaned at the clock repair shop that was located inside the Cash Saver grocery store at Bell and I-40. After visiting with the owner, Roger Bradley, she found out he was looking to sell his business. So Rice and his wife, Misty, purchased the business and all of it’s inventory and tools.

Misty’s mom, Rice’s mother-in-law, has always shopped at Custom Gifts in the Bell Hillside Shopping Center. She became acquainted with Virgie Cook, the owner of not only Custom Gifts but the entire Shopping Center to see if there was any storefront locations available for lease in the shopping center. There were no space available in the shopping center, but Virgie offered Rice an alternative of sharing space in her Custom Gifts shop. So in August 2019, Rice opened JDD Clock & Watch inside Custom Gifts.

Rice’s love of clocks and watches favors antiques. He restores these timeless pieces while maintaining their original parts as much as possible. He has quite a collection of grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, mantle clocks, watches and pocket watches with many dated from the early 1900’s and some as old as the late 1800’s. He has so many gorgeous one of a kind pieces with a rich history. He pointed out a 1860 Seth Thomas with all the original parts, a 1940 Swiss Army watch, 1927 watch with 21 rubies, a pocket watch where the winder was on the opposite side because it was made to go in the dash of the Ford Model A car and a rare 1898 Clamshell pocket watch that can sit up on a flat surface.

Rice explains when dating a watch you have to open it up to look at the mechanism, get the serial number and see how many jewels it has to determine it’s true age. Jewels? Yes, jewels! Mechanical watches use spring-wound movements and therefore don’t require a battery. Like any mechanical device, there are gears that need to move or rotate. Watches are no different and also use bearings and these bearings that are found in the higher end mechanical watches are made out of jewels.

Back in the day, watchmakers used natural genuine rubies to create bearings and more recently, they adopted the use of lab-created rubies (also known as synthetic rubies). The purpose of these jewels is to act as bearings to various components in the watch specifically the parts that would normally wear down easily such as the escape lever and the impulse jewel. Jewels in watches are smooth and don’t allow much friction which make the movement of these gears easier. And jewels are stronger and last longer than metal. Before the 70’s, when battery powered (quartz) watches were introduced, all watches were mechanical and used about five to seven jewels in the watch’s caliber.

Our visit with Rice was fascinating and educational. You can find JDD Clock & Watch inside Custom Gifts at 5901 Bell Street Suite #9 at the corner of Bell and Hillside. They specialize in clock repairs, battery replacements, crystal replacement and watch bands. He also has a large selection of rare antique grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, cuckoo clocks, watches and pocket watches with lay-a-way available. You can also reach him at 503-723-2861 and check out his Facebook page.



Rice Edward
5901 S. Bell Inside Custom Gifts
Amarillo, TX 79109