In today’s world, with the convenience of online shopping, it can be difficult to see the appeal of shopping locally. However, spending your money in your own community is not only supporting and helping local businesses, but it is also beneficial to you as well. Here are just 8 out of the many reasons why you should spend your money locally.

1. Improved Health: Eating food that is produced locally has several health benefits. Food grown locally is harvested and sold at its peak ripeness. Which means that not only will your food arrive to you fresher and taste better, it will also contain more nutrients than food that has traveled a long distance. Eating locally can also help improve your health by helping you adapt better to your environment. For example, a person suffering from allergies can become less sensitive to the pollen in the area by eating local honey.

2. More Money Stays In Amarillo: A study found that for every $100 spent locally, on average $48 stayed in the community. Meaning that there is a good chance that the money that you spend locally will be passed on to someone else right here in Amarillo.

3. Better Schools: Businesses pay property taxes and those taxes help to fund schools. Therefore counties with more successful businesses will be able to better provide for their students.

4. More Jobs: Businesses who have a lot of local support will attract other businesses. More businesses’ means more job opportunities. Also, successful local businesses will likely expand and hire more employees.

5. Better For The Environment: Products and food produced locally conserve energy in the form of less fuel used in transportation and often require less packaging.

6. Community Has More Control: The goal of a business is to make their customers happy. Businesses with an immense amount of local support will cater to the needs of the community, giving residents control over what items are put on menus at restaurants, what type of clothing is stocked in stores, and countless other areas. Residents are basically given the power to create the community they want!

7. Small Businesses Donate To Local Causes: Most businesses are already aware of the importance and eager to donate to community causes. Supporting local businesses encourages them to support you. This support can be from the small causes like supporting a youth league to larger causes like rebuilding after a disaster.

8. Improved Tourism: “Eating like a local”, is one of the main goals for most travelers. Tourists want to experience the best every city has to offer. Well, something can only become a local favorite if locals visit there! Having unique community hot spots and tourist attractions increases state and community revenue.