Custom Fitness

Kris Stokes Brings Personal Training To A Whole New Level While
Changing Lives from the Inside-Out Through
Fitness, Nutrition and Support

Kris Stokes, owner of Custom Fitness personal training studio, has been working as a professional in the health & wellness industry for the past 20 years. She believes strongly in lifelong education for both herself and her team of fitness professionals which enables this team to offer the most comprehensive, evidence-based fitness and nutrition expertise to their clients to truly change their lives from the inside-out.

Kris has deep roots in Amarillo where she was born and raised. Once she graduated from Randall High School, she went on to Amarillo College with the desire to find a career where she could help people experience a better quality of life. While trying to figure out exactly what that meant, she took a personal training pre-certification course where she found her passion and changed her degree plan to Physical Education. Kris earned two national NCAA accredited certifications in 2001 through the NSCA and ACE organizations for personal training and group fitness and graduated with an associates in Physical Education from Amarillo College in 2003.

After Kris earned her degree at Amarillo College, she stayed on with the Carter Fitness Center providing personal training services and teaching physical education classes. It was during her 13 years at Amarillo College that she would obtain more training, education and expertise that would set her life on a path to be of service to others. Since graduating, Kris has earned 11 different certificates some of which include Sports Nutrition Specialist, Certified Health Coach, Moms In Motion Pre & Post Natal, Yoga Fit, Mat Pilates and more. Each certificate holds it’s own requirement of between 20-60 hours of continuing education during the certification period in order to be maintained. Kris believes that staying educated and up to date on current research is one of the cornerstones of her business and she requires it of all of her training team as well.

It was in 2006 that Kris officially launched her own personal training business, Custom Fitness. From the beginning, Kris had a dream of opening a studio that catered to each client as a unique individual and allowed personal trainers to follow this path as a career rather than a hobby. After the birth of her second child and some Divine intervention, Kris felt it was time to make a change from working at the college. “It just wasn’t the right place for us to be in that moment and God started closing doors where they needed to be closed and opening doors where they needed to be opened. And brought us into having our own studio.”

The first year after leaving Amarillo College, Kris worked from her home and at Paramount Baptist Church. It was during this time that Kris would create a sub service within Custom Fitness called Amarillo Fit Mama. Where Custom Fitness works with both men and women from young adults to seniors, Amarillo Fit Mama was where Kris could focus her attention on pre and postnatal moms. Being involved in prenatal training since 2005 and certified since 2006, Kris has had the opportunity to work with many moms and help them either prepare their bodies for delivery through classes like prenatal yoga that was first offered at BSA Outpatient and help them recover from child birth (whether it was recent or many years ago) through fitness training, nutrition and education.

Today, Amarillo Fit Mama, is a division of Custom Fitness that offers prenatal and postnatal pilates, yoga, and fitness both in the studio and virtually via online courses. They are able to offer labor and delivery exercises to help moms prepare their bodies for delivery. Moms are able to come in and get the specialized help they need and be able to find answers to their questions.

In 2014, Kris expanded and opened her first studio for Custom Fitness off Western and I-40 behind I-HOP and remained there for three years. With the growth of her business, Custom Fitness moved to their current location at 3333 S. Coulter, Suite C8. Today Custom Fitness has clients as young as 4 years old that attend their children’s class, all the way up to a client that is 100 years old. They offer one-on-one training, semi-private training with no more than 4 people and small group training with a max of 10 people.

Custom Fitness currently consists of Kris and her three on staff trainers who have all been with her going on 5 years. They all hold one of the top certifications in the industry and are all highly qualified, certified and experienced.

Meet their trainers:

Justin Adams: After earning his Associated in Physical Education from Amarillo College, Justin became an NSCA certified personal trainer in 2012. He joined Custom Fitness in November of 2015. Justin has success in his own weight loss battle of losing 150 lbs! He is able to connect with clients through empathy and understanding while motivating and encouraging them to achieve goals they never thought would happen. Justin really loves Spartan and obstacle course training. 

Larnce Hicks: Larnce graduated in 2017 with a BS in Sports & Exercise Science from West Texas A&M University. He joined Custom Fitness in October 2015. Larnce helps to build a confidence in people that was hidden before educating them in how to believe in and help themselves. Larnce thrives on research and the science behind everything they do as a team and a company.

Hannah Platt: After receiving her BS in Sports & Exercise Science from West Texas A&M University in 2015, Hannah joined the Custom Fitness team in May of 2016. Hannah has a “hawk eye” when it comes to exercise form and loves helping people create and celebrate victories in their health and wellness. Hannah loves to help clients find techniques to make their bodies feel more comfortable and confident in the movements they perform.

When you come to Custom Fitness, everything starts with a free consultation where they can go through all of the potential client’s history and what they would like to achieve. They also provide a Fit 3-D scan that gives a metric analysis of where you are starting from which includes measurements, balance, posture and body composition. They follow the consultation up with your first session where the trainer can see where you are starting from physically with a beginning assessment. This helps your fitness specialist design a program that makes sense for your body specifically. This assessment also allows them to analyze your balance and any weaknesses that need to be addressed to prevent future injuries. And then every 4 weeks, the client is reassessed during a meeting with their fitness specialist.

Clients are paying for training services but receive much more. As Custom Fitness has matured, the ideas behind what created it in the first place have stayed the same – give each client everything they need to succeed. This means that you don’t get one trainer here, you get a team dedicated to your success. Instead of providing just another workout, you receive a combination of exercises programmed for your unique abilities, nutrition coaching to meet you where you are as well as lifestyle and mindset coaching to help take you to the next level.

Kris has taken many courses in nutrition and currently holds a prestigious certificate from Precision Nutrition as a Level 1 Sports Nutrition Specialist. These courses have allowed her to gain a real world knowledge in nutrition that she is able to incorporate into the systems of Custom Fitness. In order to approach the entirety of a person, Kris believes that nutrition is essential. She believes that nutrition is much like the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. She doesn’t hand out meal plans but instead teaches nutrition foundations to her clients and how to incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives. She teaches things like how to put your plate together, how and when to eat and important things like how to prepare for events and holidays. They don’t focus on a quick fix but rather on daily habits that change peoples bodies and their lives.

Kris explains, “we offer services for exercise, nutrition, lifestyle modification and mindset improvement. With all of those things together we can give each client a customized, comprehensive solution to body and life transformation rather than just giving them a workout that makes them sweat We want to make sure they have all of those pieces and the support that goes with it. So we’ve created this way of doing things to where they get all that they need and we are able to walk alongside them through that journey to make sure they have the right piece at the right time.”

Other perks to a relationship with Custom Fitness include their monthly assessments with a Fitness Specialist, monthly 3D scans to monitor progress and set new goals and the ability to train virtually as needed. They also have a private Facebook group for peer support and to get information and share recipes. Clients also have access to trainers through phone calls, text and email to assist or answer any questions they may have as they incorporate their new skills into their daily lives.

Kris was honored in September 2019 with the Governor’s Small Business Award in recognition of being an outstanding business in Texas. Kris stated, “It’s such a blessing in my life to be able to impact the health and vitality of my local community, in Amarillo. That’s been the goal over the past 20 years, and that goal continues every day with each individual I coach. I am so grateful for this award, and for the opportunity to continue to make a positive impact in the community for many years to come.” Kris and her team truly have a passion for our community and the people they are fortunate enough to impact. Take advantage of their free consultation so you can meet their friendly staff and find out how they can provide you with truly Custom Fitness.



Owner: Kris Stokes
3333 South Coulter Street, Suite C8
Amarillo, TX 79106