Clothez Exchange

Brenda & David Graham, The New Owners
of Clothez Exchange, Are Excited For Their
New Venture and What They Can Offer
Our Community

After immersing herself in her career at Clothez Exchange for the last 16 years, Brenda Graham and her husband David were given an amazing opportunity and now they are the proud new owners. Clothez Exchange, a thrift and consignment store, has a long history in the Amarillo community. The story of Clothez Exchange began in 1980. Margaret Scott, the founder of Clothez Exchange, visited a ladies clothing consignment store here in Amarillo named Noni’s Nearly New. Margaret was intrigued by the idea of clothing consignment and saw the need for this type of retail store to include children’s clothing, because the one constant with children is they are always growing! She began with one rack of children’s clothing inside Noni’s shop. Margaret then moved on to other small locations, calling her store Adelle’s Attic, and in 1982 co-created Kibler’s Kloset in the South Georgia Shopping Center. In 1986, Margaret bought out her partner and opened the first Children’s Exchange store in Fleetwood Shopping Center before moving to Mayco Shopping Center in 1988. The store continued to grow and expand so that in 2000, she moved to their current location, back to South Georgia Shopping Center, and began consigning ladies and maternity clothing and gradually expanded their inventory to include plus sizes, juniors, men’s clothing, and accessories.

In 2006, Margaret sold the business to her daughter, Adelle Daniels. Adelle continued Margaret’s vision and grew Children’s Exchange to another level. Building on the consignment process her mother had cultivated over 30 years, Adelle expanded the services offered to include two types of consignment accounts and changed the name to Clothez Exchange in 2012 to better describe the fast-growing business. Adelle took great pride in the service Clothez Exchange provided to Amarillo and the surrounding area and was actively involved in the community. She led and mentored several hard working, dedicated ladies throughout her time at Clothez Exchange. One of those ladies being Adelle’s very first hire, Brenda Graham, in 2005.

Brenda was raised in Tucumcari, New Mexico and came to Canyon to go to WTAMU to obtain her degree in Accounting. While going to school she worked at Blum’s Candy counter that was located inside Sears. David had graduated from Caprock High School and got a job at Sears while going to WTAMU to get his business degree. David noticed Brenda at the candy counter when he started at Sears and thought he should ask her out. Brenda had a terrible car accident that would take her out of work and school for quite a while. When she was healed, she went to work at Builders Square. Brenda began moving up at Builders Square while David’s hours were being cut at Sears. A friend recommended that David go to Builders Square. He did and Brenda ended up being his trainer.

The two spent some time together at the company Christmas party, then David asked Brenda out on a proper date and they have been together ever since. David knew he would marry Brenda on their first date and they were engaged within three weeks. They were married almost a year to the day of their first date and went on to have three amazing daughters, the oldest is Kaylyn who is now 26 and 23 year old twins, Kelsi and Kyleigh. Kaylyn recently got married and currently works as the Assistant Manager at Clothez Exchange. Kelsi is the Inventory Supervisor at Clothez Exchange and she blessed the family with four year old Avery. Kyleigh works as an Accountant at Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union.

In 2005, Brenda went by Children’s Exchange to shop for back to school clothes for the girls and asked it they were hiring. At the time, Adelle was working with her mom Margaret and hired Brenda. Adelle would buy the store from her mom in 2006. Brenda speaks fondly of Adelle and how good she was to her and her family. She allowed her to work part-time, and even work on paperwork from home, always working around her schedule when it came to the girls. As the girls got older and more independent, Brenda went full time at the store, taking on more responsibilities and constantly learning how to do more throughout the entire company. When asked what she loves about Clothez Exchange and what has kept her there for 16 years, she said, “It’s the ladies I work with, it’s a family. And Adelle was always so good to me. She took such good care of us.” In 2019, Adelle was ready to retire and offered to sell the business to Brenda and David. They started the transfer process in 2020.

Clothez Exchange was forced to close due to COVID in March of 2020. David and Brenda took the opportunity to get some remodeling and projects done around the store until they reopened in May. They officially took ownership August 31, 2020. Since reopening in May, they moved Receiving into the main store, repainted the entire store, opened an additional 9,000 square feet of sales floor, and reorganized the store layout. They currently have 14 ladies they consider family that work for them. David proudly brags on the ladies by saying, “I will put this group of ladies up against any other team. Our girls can’t be beat on customer service, dedication, work ethic and loyalty.”

Clothez Exchange not only offers gently used clothing for sale, they offer consignment. First time consigners can initially bring in one level laundry basket and 12 pieces of odds and ends such as shoes, purses, etc. When you leave your clothes on consignment you can choose from two options. The first is a 30% profit that can be given in cash or used as store credit once your items sell. Or the 40% option which offers store credit only. When Brenda first started at Clothez Exchange, they would get a new consigner once a week. Today they get 6 a day! They enter 6500 items per week and try to get 8 racks of new items out on the floor per day.

Brenda and David don’t just see Clothez Exchange as a consignment store, they see it as an opportunity to give back. David said, “I don’t want this to just be a business for us. I want it to be an opportunity to do more and help more.” They want to provide their team with a great place to work, help the community with clothes at discounted rates or the opportunity to make money off their gently used clothes and give back by partnering up with local charities. Speaking with Brenda and David you can see why Adelle chose them to take over her family legacy. They are passionate and excited to take their new business to the next level while providing for the people around them. So go check out the new and improved Clothez Exchange at 4515 S. Georgia or go to their website for more details on their consignment program.



Owners: Brenda and David Graham
4515 S. Georgia St. #112
Amarillo, TX 79110