Championship BBQ Supply

A Unique And One-Of-A-Kind BBQ Supply Store Opens
Out of a Love of Cooking and a Little Obsession With Winning!

One word to describe Robby Staggs, owner of Championship BBQ Supply, is “competitive”. Robby was born and raised in Amarillo and graduated from Randall High School. He went on to Texas Tech and got his Bachelors in Marketing. Robby’s Marketing Degree and competitive nature put him on the path to a career in sales.

Robby bought a BBQ trailer for cooking and tailgating with friends and people loved his cooking so much he decided to start entering competitions. Three years ago, Two Pig Mafia, Robby’s official cook team was born. Homer’s Backyard Ball would be the starting point of his competitive cooking career. If there was a competition within 6 hours of Amarillo, Robby would go do it. The first year he did over 30 steak competitions with competing in the World Steak Championship in Ft. Worth as his end game. The first year he qualified on points, the second year with a win and he’s already qualified for the 2018 Competition with a win.

Over the next three years, Robby won award after award for his cooking. He has not only qualified for the World Steak Championship but for SCA (Steak Cookoff Association) World Championship, World Food Championship, Meridian which is a World BBQ Championship and American Royal which is the World Series of BBQ. All of which are in various cities around the US, but will all occur in October to finish out the cooking season. With a winning Championship comes prestige, prize money and recognition on various news channels, pit master shows and food networks. According to Robby, “Barbeque is the fastest growing sport in the United States.” Last year at the World Steak Competition, there were over 117 cook teams from around the world.

When preparing for his competitions there was never anyone in Amarillo who carried all the things he needed. He always had to order online or in Wichita, Kansas. So the idea for Champion BBQ Supply was born. Robby had researched products for two years and then opened the store in July 2017 in an old Radio Shack location at 34th and Coulter. Robby modeled his new store somewhere in between All Things BBQ in Wichita and Premier Grilling in Dallas. When asked how he went from a secure job to opening a store that may or may not work, Robby said, “I didn’t worry, I knew it would work.” Robby’s goal was to have a store so competition teams would have a place to get their supplies and he wanted to help backyard cooks sample and cook with the same products.Robby’s wife of 26 years, Jennifer had over 20 years of retail experience with companies like Target, Old Navy, Mervyns and most recently Talbots. Jennifer came on full time at the store in February 2018 when it started getting too busy for Robby to handle alone. By May 1st, 2018 they had grown so much they moved to a spot 3 times as big a few doors west of their first location. They now have over 6,000 square feet of 100’s of accessories, wood, pellets and spices, rubs, marinades and sauces and feature 14 grill manufacturers. They actually have the largest selection of seasonings in the United States!

Championship BBQ Supply is also the Panhandle’s first Yoder Showroom. They carry many Grill and Smoker manufacturers, Blaze, Big Green Egg, TEC, Backwoods smokers, Pitts and Spitts, The Good One to name a few. They also have the Panhandle’s largest selection of competition spices and sauces! They focus on helping people cook better and have testers so both the competition teams and the backyard cooks can perfect their recipes.

Robby’s competitive nature and his wife Jennifer’s retail experience and bubbly personality have made them a great team and helped them create a one-of-a-kind specialty store in Amarillo. They are the ONLY BBQ Supply company in Amarillo. Robby’s passion for cooking helps bring unique products to Amarillo and his experience guarantees that professional cooks and people just wanting to improve their cooking skills get the absolute best assistance and advice.



Robby Staggs: Owner
7306 SW 34th St. Ste. 10
Amarillo, TX 79121




Championship BBQ Supply