Bomb City Wines

Bomb City Wines Is A Brand New Fruit Infused Micro-Brewed
Wine Created, Produced and Bottled Right Here In Amarillo

Michael and Morgan Baldock began the hobby of wine making at home in 2017. This was a natural process as Michael comes from a family of wine makers. His uncle started Willow Creek Winery in Abilene, Texas in 2012 that is now ran by Michael’s cousin. With great mentors to help along the way, their wine skills and recipes grew and they began having requests from family and friends. They decided to make a go of selling their wine and found a location for their new venture in 2019.

When getting a liquor license you have to have everything set up and ready to go before applying and the license process can take 60-90 days. When the Baldocks went to apply for their license they had their building rented, all of their equipment set up and had their insurance in place and when they went to file they found out Western Business Park, where their winery is located, is not zoned for the production and sales of alcohol. They had to go in front of the city and have their specific location rezoned for alcohol, so their entire licensing process ended up taking 8 months. Michael said, “Once we got everything figured out, the City has been really, really helpful.”

Michael went around to liquor and grocery stores to set up their initial distribution. When they started in January of 2020, they did self distribution. Michael walked into M&R and The Buffalo Chip and they bought from him directly. He would go on his lunch break and after work to take them what they needed. M&R Liquor has been very supportive in their journey and allowed them to do a tasting on Valentine’s Day to help with their launch. M&R Liquor on Bell and Hillside has turned out to be their largest distributor and right behind them is Market 33, which is the remodeled Fiesta Foods on Western and Hillside. Michael explains, “M&R Liquor and Market 33 have been really helpful in getting our product out there.”

Bomb City Wines is considered a micro-winery which means they process everything in small batches. The thing that sets them apart, fruit wine, is also what has simplified their process. Fruit wines do not require a long “aging” process and require less equipment so they were able to hit the ground running and didn’t require a lot of money and equipment to get started. Their wine making process involves taking a grape concentrate and adding water, sugars, yeast and natural fruit extracts. They then allow the wine to ferment for 2-4 weeks. It is then transferred to a new container to filter out sediment. They rack from one container to another at least 3 times to remove the large sediment and then use a filtration system for a final cleaning of the smaller particles to give a crisp, clear finished product. All together it is close to a 2 month process from grape to bottle. And although most fruit wines have a low alcohol content of 5-7%, Bomb City Wines is 11.5%.

Bomb City Wines consists of four flavor & grape varieties:

Pomegranate Zinfandel-  A sweet, tangy, exotic berry wine. The Pomegranate is unlike any fruit, which is exactly why we knew we needed to make a wine with it and the pomegranate did not disappoint. Earthy, slightly spicy, with dark rich red juice. A perfect wine for your perfect evening.

Blackberry Cabernet- Sour mixed with a surprising sweetness, this wine is a perfect combination for sweet and dry wine lovers alike. The slight acidity of blackberries gives this wine an enticing twist. Pairs well with what you’re doing tonight.

Peach Chardonnay- Sweet, ripe, juicy peaches is all that comes to mind when enjoying this wine. Beautiful peach color with the perfect balance of natural sweetness from the peaches. This wine shines bright and is the life of any party.

Strawberry White Merlot- In this gorgeous soft pink wine boasts the delicate acidic and sweet notes of strawberries. Fresh, crisp, and lively and reminds you of your first taste of love. Who doesn’t love juicy ripe strawberries?

“Pomegranate is by far the best seller and Blackberry and Peach are tied for second.”

Today, Bomb City Wines, can be found at both M&R Liquor locations, Market 33, Pinkies, The Buffalo Chip and they recently added United Supermarkets. They also have local brewery partners, Pondaseta Brewery and Six Car Pub.

Additional Locations in the Panhandle:

The Salted Rim, 14 SW 28th St. Perryton, TX 79070

Southside, 2017 E Texas Ave. Stratford, TX 79084

Pit Stop Liquor, 909 E. Park Ave. Hereford, TX 79045

MJ's Saloon, 3705 Olsen BLVD. Unit A Amarillo, TX 79109

Mikeys Liquor, 1222 N. Price Rd. Pampa, TX 79065

Easy Pop Shop, 729 N. Hobart Pampa, TX 79065

9th Street Liquor, 105 SE. 9th St. Perryton, TX 79070

With support from the city, great distribution partners and a local following, Bomb City Wines is really taking off! Michael explains, “Local support has been overwhelming and we have really started growing a following.” And they are really looking forward to when everything opens back up and they are able to get their wine out there with more tastings and more exposure through local events. Bomb City Wines can be found at their above distributors and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.