BeYoutiful Whimsy Boutique & Salon

The Ladies at BeYoutiful Whimsy Boutique and Salon Take Their Love of
Providing Beauty Services To The Next Level While Navigating
Motherhood and a Thriving Business

Michelle Caughey and Tori Harp are the stylists behind the BeYoutiful Whimsy Boutique and Salon located at 3333 S. Coulter Suite B at 34th and Coulter. In an industry that can be stressful and competitive, these ladies have been able to create an environment where they are able to support each other, play up their individual strengths and offer a unique variety of products and services. And the common thread between these two ladies is their love of hair started when they were both just little girls.

Michelle was born in Amarillo and ended up being raised out at Boys Ranch where her parents both worked the entirety of her childhood. It was at Boys Ranch that Michelle first developed her love of doing hair. Boys Ranch had a barber shop and Michelle became their unofficial hair stylist by the time she was in the 8th Grade. All the boys came in for hair cuts and Michelle was the go-to for hair and make-up on picture day, for cheerleading events, dances and prom.

Michelle promised her parents she would “try” college and ended up making it one semester before she went her nature path of doing hair and enrolled in Expositos School of Hair Design. After a year of school, Michelle became an assistant at the Wild Hair which was located on Glen Oak off of Bell Street. Michelle left the Wild Hair, had her first child and ended up at Hair Chic around 34th and Bell. Then she moved on to her own one room salon on Park Side around Bell and 45th behind John Stiff Park.

Eight years ago one of Michelle’s clients told her about “body sugaring” and urged her to get certified since there were very few sugaring experts available in Amarillo. Sugaring is a form of hair removal and is a great alternative to waxing. The sugar paste used is made from sugar, water and citric acid. It’s so pure and natural you could actually eat it. Some of the benefits of sugaring is there is no risk of burning as with waxing because the sugar paste is only warmed to body temperature resulting in no burning and less swelling. The sugar paste is much easier to clean up since it is water soluble and it won’t stick to live skin cells, it only removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Sugaring will also remove very short hairs and won’t break hair off like waxing tends to, which leads to more permanent hair removal. Michelle went to Hurst, Texas for body sugaring training and to get her Certification in Body Sugaring. Michelle feels the most important aspect of her sugaring speciality besides being certified is being personable and making her clients feel comfortable.

Michelle knew her husband Adam through mutual friends but they became reacquainted in 2015 and married in 2017. The end of 2017 would also be when Michelle opened BeYoutiful Whimsy Boutique and Salon which is located at 34th and Coulter behind Public House. Today the couple have 10 and 12 year old daughters and almost a year old twins. So much of Michelle’s time is split between cheerleading, theatre class, then diapers and bottle feeding. Michelle is up at 6:00am and doesn’t slow down until she hits the door at 9:00pm. Her favorite part of owning her own business is the ability to be the kind of mom and business owner she wants and to have the freedom to work her own schedule.

Tori was also born and raised in Amarillo and after taking a year break after high school, ended up going to Milan Institute to study hair design. Tori’s hair career, like Michelle’s, actually started in 8th Grade where she would secretly cut her friend’s hair in the bathroom. After Milan, Tori went straight to the Hair Emporium which was located on Civic Circle where she worked for a year. Tori would take a break right before she had her son Max and just do friend’s and families’ hair until she went back full time after Max was born. Tori started at Love Your Hair off Lakeview in 2010. During this time, Tori would go to Dallas to be trained and certified in Dream Catcher hair extensions. After two years at Love Your Hair, Tori ended up buying the salon where she would completely remodel it, rename it and turn around and sell it to double her profit. After rebranding the business and managing a 15 stylist salon, Tori was exhausted so in 2014 she moved to a one room salon with a stylist friend, Keagan, fittingly called “The Room”.

It was during this time that Tori would take on the challenge of eye lash extensions. Tori went to Oklahoma City where she was Bella Lash certified which educated students on the anatomy of the eye and the reasons behind why you follow certain procedures which Tori considers extremely important. Tori explains that you want someone who is educated and trained when it comes to your eye area as opposed to someone who is just taught how to apply lashes. A new set of lash extensions usually takes around an hour and a half and Tori is currently running a new set special for only $125. Lash refills can be done every 2-4 weeks and Tori is always taking on new lash clients.

After Keagan decided to enter the real estate field, Tori moved on to do hair and lashes at Nakai Wellness Center and Med Spa for two years. When Tori was pregnant with daughter Dawson and ready for a change, she approached Michelle who had done her body sugaring for years. Tori came on to the BeYoutiful Whimsy Boutique and Salon in November 2019 and had baby Dawson in January. She too loves the freedom of being able to mix caring for her family and her clients on her own schedule.

Today the salon has been redesigned to really showcase their boutique in the front of the store where they have women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, hair products and recently added children’s clothing and custom pillows. Michelle says, “2020 is going to be our year!” The ladies have expanded their store online to include selling the items through Comment Sold on Facebook. Michelle and Tori alternate doing daily live videos to showcase available products and buyers are able to comment right on Facebook as to which item they want. They are then sent an invoice and the item is shipped or they can pick it up in the store. Michelle says the ability to provide Comment Sold and their customers to be able purchase while drinking wine in their pjs has been a game changer!

So let’s recap: full hair salon services of cutting, styling and coloring, Brazilian blow outs, Bella Lash eyelash extensions, Dream Catcher hair extensions, body sugaring, traditional waxing, spray tanning AND a boutique…oh my! Michelle and Tori welcome you to book an appointment right on their website at, check out their live sales on Facebook or stop by and check out the updated boutique and visit with the ladies as to how they can fulfill all of your beauty and styling needs!



Owner: Michelle Caughey
3333 S Coulter
Amarillo, TX 79121