Bar Z Winery

Handcrafted, Award-Winning & Distinctly Texas Wines
- Full of Flavor and Bursting with Personality

At the edge of Palo Duro Canyon, on the outskirts of Canyon, Texas you’ll find a hidden Panhandle gem in Bar Z Winery. Not to be confused with a vineyard, Bar Z works with Texas High Plains vineyard owners and takes their high-quality Texas grown grapes and makes them into award-winning, full-bodied red wines.

The grapes are crushed and destemmed, get put right back in the harvest bins, and then taken to a location to freeze them. Every wine he makes has had the grapes frozen. This way he can pull them out any time he wants, even in the winter. They bring the frozen grapes back, put them back through the crusher and destemmer, they liquefy, and get put in the tanks where Monty can then begin to work with the fruit. Because of the freezing of the grapes, this allows Monty to have flexibility and time in the winemaking process.

Bar Z Winery is owned by Monty Dixon and the winery is named after his family’s cattle brand. The winery was founded in 2003 in Monty’s hometown of Morse and since then the winery has outgrown two locations. Bar Z Winery was relocated in 2009 to Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Monty would tell you he’s been making adult beverages since he was nine years old. In his elementary school library there was a book that gave crude instructions on how to make beer at home. Monty’s precocious and daring nature led to adventures in backyard chemistry. It wasn’t until his teens and young adult years that he would graduate to casual wine-making. But casual wasn’t enough for Monty.

Much like his wine, Monty Dixon is unfiltered, robust, and wholly unique. If he has a free moment, he’ll happily bend your ear about the science of wine and Bar Z’s simple, yet effective philosophy: Let the wine be wine. Bar Z Winery prides itself on utilizing the unique Texas terroir to create a wine that expresses the hard work of the vineyard owners, the soil it was grown in, and the love of Texas shared by those who enjoy these unique, award-winning wines.

Bar Z Winery combines art, science, and years of experience to create elegant wines. Monty’s passion and hard work go into every bottle making these entirely Texan wines contenders on the world stage. Bar Z Winery has competed against Napa Valley wines, French wines – often considered the greatest – yet their native Texan creations have taken home the gold.

Bar Z Winery continues to be one of the top spots in the Panhandle to enjoy a sunset or host an event. The setting is particularly unique with its sweeping views of the prairie paired with the deep crevasses of the canyon. “We don’t have our own landscaping-we left God’s landscaping alone,” says Vintner Monty Dixon.


2014 Lonestar International: Bronze

2014 Pinot Noir International Shootout: Silver

Texsom International WIne Awards: 2 Bronze, Silver

2015 Taster’s Guild: 5 Bronze

2015 Pinot Noir International Shootout: Silver

2015 Houston Livestock and Rodeo Wine Competition: 2 Bronze, 2 Silver

2015 Lonestar Texas: 7 Bronze

2015 Lonestar International: 4 Bronze, 2 Silver


Monty Dixon: Owner
19290 FM 1541
Canyon, TX 79015