Appleseed Boutique

Mother & Daughter, Kristi Rohrs and Brittani Cosgrove,
Take Over Appleseed Junction and Give It
a Chic New Look

Mother-daughter duo, Kristi Rohrs and Brittani Cosgrove, take on a new venture and turn Appleseed Junction from a crafter’s mall into an elegant and eclectic boutique. The mother of the duo, Kristi, was born and raised here in Amarillo. She graduated from Canyon High School and married her high school sweetheart, Kent, who went to Caprock High School. Kristi has worked in a variety of jobs from being the manager of a department of Sakowitz that was inside Western Plaza, to selling Godiva chocolate, being a Travel Agent, working commercial sales for Channel 4 and working in a title company. It was through working at the title company that Kristi would find her true passion, which is real estate. Kristi has been in real estate since 1998 and she loves working with people and helping them with one of the biggest decisions they will make. Kristi has also been the Office Manager for Thomason Scott for the past 5 years. Not only does Kristi sell real estate and manage Thomason Scott, she sells Premier Designs and Grace & Heart Jewelry and has teams under her.

Kristi’s daughter, Brittani, moved to Lubbock for a bit after graduating from Trinity Fellowship where she worked in an Audiologist’s office. During her time in Lubbock, Brittani met her husband, Travis, who was going to Lubbock Christian University to get his teaching degree. Once Travis graduated, they moved back to Amarillo and were married in 2009. They have one son, ?, who is 7 years old and Travis is now a teacher and the Golf Coach at Tascosa High School.

Appleseed Junction started out as a crafter’s mall in August 2011. It has changed owners and moved locations 3 times but has remained in the Village on Bell Shopping Center at 34th & Bell the whole time. Kristi had been approached by a friend looking to sell her boutique to her and Brittani. The exchange never came about but the bug to open their own boutique didn’t go away, so they just continued to pray about it. In 2019, the owner of Appleseed Junction was looking to sell. Kristi had been speaking with a lady at church about wanting to purchase a boutique and she was directed to Appleseed. Kristi called Brittani who was working as the Office Manager for her dad’s company, Panhandle Fire Protection, and told her to go check out the boutique. They fell in love and within a short time they were the proud new owners of Appleseed Junction.

Kristi and Brittani took over ownership in April of 2019 and by April 2020 they altered the name to Appleseed Boutique and moved to a more streamlined, chic spot across the shopping center next to Steinmart. Today, Brittani and Kristi’s personalities can be seen in the new store location and the vibe of what they carry. When asked what her favorite part about owning her own business was, Brittani said, “Getting to pick out all of the clothes and shoes and taking home whatever I like.” They carry women’s clothing up through plus sizes, shoes, purses, jewelry, candles, freshies, journals, chalk paint, honey products, sheet sets, wood cutouts, and lots of cute gift items. They also carry Creek House Honey Farm products, Natural Life and Fin & Flower candles along with the following vendors: Oh My Vintage Soul, Triangle Heart Cards, We Find In Love, Lil’s Aroma Creations, Pickle Sap Decals, Hotty Totty’s Wooden Cutouts, Mikki Morris (sheet distributor), Emma Rohrs (chalk paint) and Jessica Cosgrove (custom tumblers). Brittani brings up a good point about Appleseed, “People always say ‘shop small’ because you know it’s helping a family. But with Appleseed you’re helping multiple families because we have so many local vendors. I like that it’s all local because you’re supporting a lot of families when you shop with us.”

The mother-daughter team work well together and love to have fun. Kristi said, “We’re a good team. Where she’s strong in things, I’m not and where I’m strong, she’s not.” The two ladies would love to meet you and have you come check out their new store and all of the great things they have available. Appleseed Boutique can be found at 3317 Bell Street in the Village on Bell Shopping Center. You can also purchase right from their website and find them on Facebook and Instagram.



Owners: Britanni Cosgrove and Kristi Rohrs
3317 Bell Street
Amarillo, TX 79106