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Entrepreneur Magazine Launches Idea For AcuLaser Toner Supply

An ad in the back of Entrepreneur magazine would be the launching pad for AcuLaser Toner Supply company, owned by Mark Fannin. After getting his Master’s degree in Psychology and working in mental health clinics, Mark moved to Amarillo and worked at St. Anthony’s CareUnit for teenagers with alcohol and drug problems.  He then switched gears and went to work for David Spring with the Panhandler Telephone Directory as a salesman and then a sales manager.  Mark always had the desire to own his own business after seeing his older brother Ron start a car business in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Working in sales gave him the confidence that he too could start a business of his own.

In 1988 Mark read an ad in the back of Entrepreneur magazine on starting your own remanufactured cartridge business.  Mark took the leap and went to Austin, Texas to be trained in the remanufacturing process.  While in the hotel in Austin during training, he read an article on “business naming”.  The article suggested starting your business name with an “A” so you would always be listed in phonebooks and other lists first.  So, AcuLaser Toner Supply was launched in a barn in Canyon.

Mark had humble beginnings and the spirit of an entrepreneur as he went business to business handing out flyers about the new business.  He soon moved from the barn in Canyon to a portable building in his backyard.  Early advertising with Thrifty Nickel and eventually a phonebook listing really helped get the AcuLaser name out to Amarillo.  In 1991, AcuLaser moved to its current location at 16th & the Canyon E-Way.  Mark renovated the building and brought on James Moore in 1996 as a full time employee. James had suffered a spinal injury in a farm accident when he was 18 years old and walks with the assistance of a walker.  In spite of his disability, James has worked over 20 years for AcuLaser rebuilding toner cartridges.  He is a very valuable employee.

AcuLaser now sells a wide variety of new, name brand, compatible and remanufactured toner.  When AcuLaser rebuilds a toner cartridge, it is disassembled, a new replacement drum (the colored cylinder that turns) is installed, a new wiper blade is installed and any  other parts that are worn are replaced such as bushings and seals. The cartridge is then filled with fresh toner. This process saves customers between 30-50% compared to buying a brand new cartridge and all AcuLaser cartridges have a 100% guarantee.

Within the first couple of years of being in business, Mark ran across many customers in need of printers, printer service, and maintenance.  In the early days, he hired a man working for the school district to repair printers after hours until he could have someone come in and train him to repair them himself.  AcuLaser now offers printer repair and maintenance as well as the sale of reconditioned laser printers.  Prices start at around $159 and a newer business size printer that cost around $1200 new is priced at $395.  All reconditioned printers come with a six month parts & labor warranty.

The biggest challenge Mark has come across in over 30 years of business was an unexpected battle with salivary gland cancer almost 15 years ago.  After an abscessed tooth, Mark developed a lump on the side of this neck.  After being told it was probably swollen lymph nodes initially, it was eventually tested and was positive for cancer.  Mark had 32 lymph nodes removed from his neck with 8 of those testing positive for cancer.  Of course, like many small business owners, there was no time to be sick so Mark was back to work 3 days after his surgery.  Seven weeks of radiation followed and with less than a 30% chance of survival, Mark feels more than blessed to have survived this most challenging time in his life.

Mark prides himself on honesty and the highest level of customer service.  James Jackson, CPA can attest to the quality of Mark’s services since he became a customer the first week AcuLaser was in business in 1988 and remains a loyal customer today.  Mark is also proud to have been named the 2019 SBA Small Business Person of the Year for the Amarillo area.

Using AcuLaser locally for all your laser printer, copier, and fax toner supply and printer maintenance needs gives you HUGE savings, plus the convenience of fast and free local delivery and uncomparable customer service. Give Mark Fannin a call at 806-373-8663 to see how he can benefit your business!

Mark Fannin: Owner
1602 Canyon Drive