Accent Home Decor & Gifts

Accent Home Decor & Gifts Owner Norlin Mora's Success Is Based
On Her Tenacity, Creativity and Ability to Create a Design Team of Talented Ladies

Accents Home Decor & Gifts may be a well-kept secret that you need to know about. Inside Accents, you will find unique furniture, eclectic décor, floral arrangements, lamps, pictures, home accents and gift items, all reasonably priced. And behind Accents Home Decor & Gifts is a group of talented and passionate women; Norlin Mora, Vicki Roderick and Leesa Benton, who absolutely love what they do.

Owner and Designer, Norlin Mora, comes to us from Quitaque, Texas, where her story of working hard to create a better life for herself and her family began. Leesa describes Norlin’s background, “Norlin had a very hard childhood, but she crawled and scratched her way out of it and rose above it all.” Norlin’s hunger to break the cycle of her childhood and build a new life began when the First National Bank of Quitaque was looking to bring manufacturing companies to help build the town of Quitaque. A saddle company out of Clarendon created the Texas Horse Pad manufacturing plant, and at the age of 23, Norlin was one of three ladies to initially be hired. They made anything out of cloth for horses and shipped all over the United States and Canada.

“You just want more than where you came from, and you want your kids to have so much better than you, so you work so hard.”

Even at the age of 23, Norlin had a strong mind for business as she started buying stock in the company. Norlin recalls, “Every dime I had, I kept putting back into the company. Any bonuses and extra money I earned, I bought stock in the company.” Throughout the 10 years that she worked at the Texas Horse Pad, she bought stock until she had 49% ownership. At that point, she couldn’t purchase more stock because the husband and wife owners didn’t want to give up control of the company. When the husband later had a heart attack, the family sold their shares to Norlin making her the new owner.

Norlin had a natural business mind and an amazing work ethic, but she also had a creative side as she always loved sewing, making wreaths for her kid’s teachers, creating floral arrangements and more. She loved the creative outlet so much, she decided to start opening little booths around the Panhandle to display and sell her creations. By 2003, Norlin had booths in Plainview, Lubbock, Tulia, Littlefield and Amarillo. It was also at this time that she would begin decorating people’s homes and expanding to interior design. As her business expanded, Norlin decided she was ready to open her own store. It was a “go big or go home” moment when she and her husband Ramon opened Accents Home Decor & Gifts at 201 Westgate Parkway in 2006. The store was such a huge success, that within 6 months they closed their Texas Horse Pad company in Quitaque and closed all the booths in other cities.

Vicki would join Norlin in 2008, after being a hair stylist for 38 years. It was at this time that she had to create a new career path because the accumulation of all the styling chemicals were causing her to get sick. Vicki’s body was not releasing the toxins she was being exposed to, so she ended up doing a year of IV therapy and 33 hypobaric chamber treatments to detox her body. Vicki’s husband was cutting out crosses that she would hand paint and sell in her salon booth. She knew of Norlin from the Crafters Mall and decided to approach her at her new store about selling her crosses. Norlin was looking for a decorator and offered Vicki an “audition” of her skills, and Vicki has been with her ever since.

Leesa owned an antique business on 6th street and decorated homes for 28 years. Leesa’s son played high school and college basketball and she didn’t want to miss a moment of watching him play.  She decided to close her business and focus on decorating homes so that she had the flexibility to travel and watch her son play at the college level.  Leesa’s husband worked from home and she continued to decorate homes around her son’s basketball schedule, so they were able to travel to all his games. Leesa recalls it as one of the most exciting times of her life. In 2015, while decorating for one of her clients, she went to Accents to look for new home décor items. She began talking with Vicki and learned that they were looking for an additional decorator. The two women instantly clicked, and Vicki recommended Leesa to Norlin, and the duo became a trio. Leesa recalls, “It was such a God thing. We love working together and we respect each other. And we love each other’s families and we pray for each other. We’re just a good, good fit.”

Having three strong women working side by side every day can sometimes create challenges, but at Accents, you have three women who complement each other, praise each other’s work and truly work as a team to create a very special working environment. “Norlin is an incredible boss and an incredible leader, and she gives us the freedom to express ourselves.” Leesa explains, “She is such an eclectic buyer, that it gives us a plethora of things to decorate with.” Their love for each other and what they do is evident as soon as you walk in the door and around every corner of the store.

What makes Accents such a unique store is the fact that there is not a dominant design style. You will find a variety of styles such as traditional, European, modern and a touch of whimsy. You will find those styles put together in a creative way encouraging you to think outside the box. This is not a trendy store, but a store filled with timeless pieces that will make your home beautiful for years to come and that can be handed down. Another aspect that makes Accents unique is the store is constantly changing. Inventory moves quickly and they have so many one of a kind pieces, that you will find something new and different every time you step foot in the store. There are also many price points, so if you need a gift for $10, or if you are looking for that hard-to-find unique piece, they are there to help. Not only do they carry furniture and home decor, they also have a full line of Tyler products and Circle E candles.

Accents Home Decor & Gifts is located in the Westgate Parkway across from Target and is open Monday-Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm. Norlin, Vicki and Leesa would love for you to come into Accents to help you find that next special piece or accessory to accent your home!



Owner: Norlin Mora
201 Westgate Pkwy
Amarillo, TX 79121